Dale Campbell

European Trade Mark and Design Attorney

I’ve worked with many fantastic brands over the past fifteen years, providing trade mark registration services. I wanted to find a better way to use technology to offer affordable services. That’s why Trademark Tribe exists to protect fantastic brands at affordable prices.

We are proud to offer a full range of services from searching, to filing, watching and protecting brands from infringement most at flat fee rates. Everything we do at Trademark Tribe is about making the process of applying for a trade mark easy, by providing advice throughout the entire process and of course offering our money back guarantee.

We are an online trade mark registration firm based in the UK that’s in the business of helping ambitious companies gain ownership of and protect their valuable brands.

If your business is building up the goodwill in its brand and your logo is gaining an enhanced reputation you need to make sure that your competitors do not copy you.

Our experienced team of trade mark specialists can help you protect your brand today either in the UK or internationlly.

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For the last four years we have guaranteed and registered many applications. We stop and listen and work closely with you our client. We mix your product or service with our expertise to guarantee a successful and powerful trade mark registration.

Our mission is to trade mark your brand

What’s more is that we guarantee your application

You get an expert working for you and your brand

We are always happy to chat about acheiving a successful registration. Call Dale on 0208 102 981.

Check your trade mark NOW for free

Simple online ordering process with expert attorney filing your application

We use official trade mark sources to ensure your search is accurate

We are proud to have recently registered

All great brands need to have a registered trade mark

By not registering your trade mark, your competition may register it.

If someone else owns the trade mark you may be infringing their registered rights

It may not be today, or even in the next two years but failure to register puts your brand at risk.

Don't be forced to rebrand. Speak to Dale today on 0208 102 9871 about registering your trade mark or email dale @ trademarktribe. com

Money back guarantee
We will offer a guarantee on ‘Our fees’ if the application meets our criteria for doing so.

International professional team
We have local experienced attorneys who know what it takes to get a trade mark registered

Competitive Pricing
Our efficient online process makes it affordable

Excellent customer service
We have successfully registered many trade marks

To find out more, Dale can be reached on 0208 102 9871 or dale @ trademarktribe. com

Our mission is to provide strong brand protection at an affordable price.

Too many DIY applications fail or do not provide adequate protection.

By going out and speaking to you the entrepreneurs and business owners we have been told time and time again that intellectual property is on the to do list. It slips down in priority because it costs money and because it can be too complicated.

It does not have to cost a fortune and you can afford to appoint an expert

We offer a flat fee price, so you will know the price you pay before we file your application. You can see our fees here. We also offer a guarantee that if your application fails we will refund our service charge. So you would be in the same monetary position as you would have been if you filed your application yourself.

This means that we are good at our jobs and if you want a trade mark registration you should be appointing us to handle your application. We have had hundreds of successful registrations. See our testimonials page for our happy brand owner stories. We carry professional indemnity insurance and Dale Campbell is a European Trade Mark and Design Attorney.