Our attorneys will review each of the watch notices and contact you to discuss your options when a conflicting mark is picked up. This will help you to safeguard your valuable brand.

After your trade mark is registered, we recommend that a watching service is set up. This will help you protect your brand against potential infringement, with the earliest notification available of any competitors who may try and register an identical or similar mark.

This enables you to react quickly against any potentially conflicting marks.

We offer watching services in any individual country and a worldwide watching service too.

UK Watch
A watching service will alert you if someone else tries to apply to register a similar or identical mark to yours. This will allow you to take action by contacting the owner or to file a notice of intention to oppose. It is cheaper and easier to prevent a new mark being registered. It is more expensive to try and invalidate a mark after registration.We will provide advice and information on the marks as monitored. The watching services is provided by a leading supplier of monitoring services backed by our expert advice.
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Trademark Registration
Worldwide watch
Safeguard your valuable brand from potential infringement with expert, international trademark watching. Timely reports from our attorney gives you the information you need to act quickly against marks that might be confusingly similar to yours.
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