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    A word, phrase, logo or slogan that identifies and distinguishes the source of the products or services of one party from those of others.

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You have a great vision of the future for your brand. Don't miss the opportunity to to prevent others from copying you.

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No one wants to decide on a name, only to have it denied due to trade mark issues. Our search can help you narrow down your choices and get the best brand


Now that you’ve decided on your brand name, don't miss the opportunity to protect it. We will prepare the best application to grant you the widest rights


Detect and take down IP infringements on social media, marketplaces and domain names. Connect with our Brand Protection experts today.


Renew your trade mark every ten years to keep it.

We work with purpose led businesses to protect brands that have a positive impact.
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Trade Mark Tribe:

Being part of a tribe means your business can survive and thrive. We are the IP foundation of your business. We have registered hundreds of trade mark applications, so we know what we are doing. We can gain the strongest protection for your brand. Sure anyone can fill in paperwork and submit it. But will it really hold up... If you DIY it you won't get the answer until it is too late.

 Your brand exists to make a positive impact on the world.

Let us help you secure that future and your brand

  • Trade Mark Tribe is the IP foundation for your business
  • Your brand can live up to its missions and values knowing it has the strongest brand protection


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By registering a trade mark your brand can stay unique.

In a crowded marketplace you can prevent others from copying your brand without your say so.

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