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People can have the same name but brands need to be unique.
Find out today if your brand is exclusive and available to trade mark

Find out today if your brand is available to trade mark

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We are an online trade mark registration firm based in the UK that’s in the business of helping ambitious companies gain ownership of and protect their valuable brands.

Our experienced team of trade mark specialists can help you protect your brand today either in the UK or internationlly. We offer a money back guarantee.

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The Trademark Tribe Advantage


We can register your trade mark worldwide

Our Tribe consists of registered attorneys based in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the Gulf States and China and worldwide. We help our clients protect their brands, register their trade marks and manage their trade mark portfolios. We offer flat fee trademark services which include strategy advice, search and analysis.

In choosing Trademark Tribe, your trade mark application will be handled directly by an experienced trade mark attorney.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and larger companies. Our comprehensive trade mark search and registration package means that you can bring your brand to life safe in the knowledge that you own your brand and it can remain uniquely yours!